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It appears that all Stelzriedes are descended from a single family from the small (250 years ago) farming village of Hille (near Bremen, a land of water, windmills, and peat bogs) in North Rhine/Westphalia in Germany. This site lists the descendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede of Hille, Germany, born about 1750. There are two main surviving branches of the family that arose from two sons of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm: Johann Heinrich and Johann Cord . Information on Hille, Germany and other family history is included here too. Page Stelzriede Morris reports that there are records of Stelzriedes in Germany dating back to the 1500's in the archives. I hope to add these records when time permits.

Some interesting points are: Descriptions of early farm life and visits to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair are given by Fred C. Stelzriede and Emelia "Millie" Stelzriede Meyer (written in the 1930's and included in the recollections of by Albert F. Meyer). Early experiences in Saginaw, MI are given in a Saginaw History (in pdf format, see pg 3) about Henry Steltzriede . Jack Stelzriede rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders in Cuba as a trumpeter. Marshall Stelzriede was a navigator aboard bombers during WW II - there is a web site based on his diaries describing his experiences.

Early photos include those of George & Minnie Stelzriede ( 1897 wedding photo), Charley & Sophia Stelzriede ( 1896 & 1905 photos), C. Frederick & Mary Stelzriede ( Photo Abt 1890), B. Frank Stelzriede Sr ( Photo Abt 1900), August Meyer and Amelia Stelzriede ( Wedding photo 1905), and Henry F. & Katherine Steltzriede ( Photo 1915). There is also a picture postcard from Mabel Edna Stelzriede Backsmeier from 1914 when postage was 1 cent.

This website was compiled and designed by Ron Nelson with information and photos provided by many Stelzriede relatives. Please see the credits in the Updates section, the References and throughout the Family Tree book for contributors.

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