Scrapbook Page for Mabel Edna Stelzriede

Carl, Sophie (Thaden) and Mabel Stelzriede - NB 1951

Carl, Sophie (Thaden) and Mabel Stelzriede - Capitol Building, Lincoln, NB 1951.

Gustav Backsmeier & Mabel Stelzriede Wedding 1917

Gustav Backsmeier and Mabel Stelzriede's wedding Feb 17, 1917.

Mabel Edna and Caroline picture postcard - 1914.

A picture postcard from Mabel in Hoyleton to her sister, Clara Hoffman, in Nashville, IL, July 21, 1914. The photo is of Mabel and mother Caroline. The card mentions "thrashing" for the harvest into August, and Mae (likely cousin, Mae Stelzriede) coming to stay soon.

Mabel Edna's confirmation class 1907.

Mabel Edna Stelzriede's confirmation class in Hoyleton, April 1907.

Mabel Edna in school - 1900

Mabel Edna Stelzriede's Pleasant Grove school photo December 28, 1900.