The information on this web site was updated from the original (7/26/2003) and from the 10/15/2003 version - many corrections and additions have been made to the family tree. New information was added. More photos that were sent (especially the collection scanned by John Stelzriede Sr) have been added and many hyperlinks to various pieces of information are given. The information of Darin Harshman added greatly to the Ashley Neil branch of the family. Much of my information on the Michigan Steltzriedes is still fragmentary. Thanks to Claude L. "Bud" Stelzriede, Marshall Stelzriede, Marsha Heath, Charles T. Stelzried, Page S. Morris, Donna Crook, Darin Harshman, and John Stelzriede Sr and Janet Lee S. Thomason for their help and encouragement.

Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

Recent Updates -

Some of the more recent changes to the web site are listed here.

7/22/2008 Updated to record the passing of Marshall Stelzriede and Benjamin Stelzriede.

3/17/2007 Corrected the notes on the medical history for Keturah (Kaye) Stelzriede.

5/30/2005 The site is now available on with new formatting. The Occupations and Military sections were combined and the Military part was corrected.

3/12/2005 I continue to receive more photographs - some quite old, and more information on relatives. Recent additions include:
Many photos of the Charley and Caroline Stelzriede family and their descendants (from as early as 1896) were sent along with a great deal of information by Fred Backsmeier. The photos of his mother, Mabel Edna Stelzriede Backsmeier and a 1914 postcard help show what life was like on the farm 100 years ago. The Stelzriede photos were handed down by Laura (Buhrmester) Morrison and then by Leona Hoffman Wacker in 1978. Obituaries for Vera Peithman, Edwin Wacker, and Allen Cooksey were also provided, as well as much information on the Backsmeiers (and Backsmeyers).
Marshall Stelzriede, who helped a great deal in bringing together the relatives who made this work possible, died on New Years Day 2005. His interest and knowledge will be missed.
Dorothy Claire Morgan Stelzried, mother of Charles Stelzried passed away on 16 July, 2004. Thanks to Charles Stelzried for photos and information.
New information on the death date and military service of Ashley Neil Stelzriede was provided by the research of Darin Harshman.
And new information on some of the Michigan Steltzriede families was provided by David Eddy.
The Comments section has some added information about German naming practices.

8/15/2004 Added the obituary for Dorothy Mercer, wife of Ed Stelzried, to the narrative descendants book, and filled in this branch of the family thanks to Charles Stelzried. Added a photo of C. Fred Stelzriede and Mary Krietemeier (abt 1890) thanks to Murl Sickbert.

7/25/2004 Updated the narrative descendants book to include the obiturary of Ada Stelzriede Groves thanks to her nephew Bud Stelzriede. And added the childhood memories from the memoirs of Fred C. Stelzriede and his wife E. Ruth Stelzriede. Added the photo "Farming at Georges" to the main web page.

7/23/2004 Updated and improved the links to information on Hille. Added links and information about the "lost Knight's seat" Wiekriede. I was contacted by Chris Bayer who has ancestors from Hille - his great-grandmother probably played in the ruins of Wiekriede in the 1880's. He has a Marie Elisabeth Granneman (m. 1818) who may be related to our Maria Louise Grannemann (m. 1807).

6/25/2004 Added information about migrations to NY from Hille in the Migrations page, added notes on Ashley Neil, and combined records for Ruth Mullen and Edgar Wm. and removed two associated listings from the Uncertainties page.

3/12-13/2004 Added many more Stelzriedes to the Occupations page and added to the Military page. Put information on the Stelzriedes in Arizona and California on the "Stelzriedes in the US" page and added to the "Uncertainties" page.

2/7 & 16/2004 The latest family tree information was added with scrapbooks of photos for many more individauls - especially the Ben Franklin Sr family.

12/26/2003 The links to photos and maps in the Hille, Germany section have been changed to go directly to the appropriate pages - for easier access. The Spelling section has been corrected re: the 1874 murders as well as the Tragedies section. The name of the ship (Brig Fame) has been added to the migrations section. A farming photograph was added to the Stelzriedes in the US section.

10/12/2003 Updated and added to the Ashley Neil branch of the family with the information of Darin Harshman. Also made several other connections and additions from his information. The "unplaced" individuals list is now much smaller with many removals but also some new additions. Added photos of Benjamin Franklin (Frank) Stelzriede Sr and family supplied by John Franklin Stelzriede Sr. Added to the Intro, Migrations, and Military sections.

10/9 & 11/2003 Updated Donna S. Crook family with information she provided. Updated the Thomason family records with dates from Janet Lee Stelzriede Thomason.

10/8/2003 Removed Page Revelle and John from the "unplaced" list. Corrected and updated Charles T. Stelzried, Sr. information. Added information on the Charles H. Stelzriede (b. 4/1/1847) family passed on by Bud Stelzriede who found it in a book on Washington County in the Ashley, IL library.

9/21/2003 Added more to the Military section - esp. Vietnam, and updated the "Spelling" section with the 1880 census misspelling for the Levy Stelzriede family. Enlarged the font on all pages for readability.

9/13/2003 Latest update of all family tree listings.

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