Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

In Germany -

It is clear that at least one Stelzriede remained in Hille - a property tax list of 1879 (in german) (this was 12 years after my great grandfather emigrated) lists the names of the families. While this was after most of the Stelzriedes had emigrated, there is still one house listed as occupied by Stelzriedes. The house is #84 named Woepken (a family name) in the Neuenbaum area. These were probably Christian Heinrich August (b.1845) and/or his son Christian Heinrich (b.1862), and maybe Wilhelm August (b.1851).

In the 1970's, or so, my grandfather wrote to Stelzriedes still in Hille seeking to determine if we were related, but they didn't know. In 1986 I visited Hille and a Stelzriede was still listed in the phone book. I have a record of a Hermann Stelzriede in Hille, born there about 1900, but do not know his ancestry. A link to a web site about Hille (in German, but with some photos) is Hille, Germany.
One of the Hille web sites describes the Engelage family that appears to be similar to the Stelzriedes in that all people with the name Engelage are descended from a single family. A difference is that there are no longer any Engelages left in Hille, but they have spread to many more countries of the world than the Stelzriedes.

Many of the Stelzriede's wive's families remained in Hille when the Stelzriedes departed. They include the Schaekelmann, Grannemann, Uphoff, Horstmann, Gieseker, and Tiemann families.

In the United States -

In Michigan -

There are some interesting stories about the early settlement days in Saginaw, Michigan from the Stelzriedes (see Saginaw History (in pdf format) , Stelzriede House Photo , and Henry Stelzriede Photo).

In Illinois -

The self-published, "Memories: The Life, Times, and Activities of Albert F. Meyer" provides some information on the early life of the Stelzriedes in Illinois. Albert's mother was Emeilia (Amelia) Stelzriede, and the first part of his 144 page book gives a report on material written by his mother in 1930 about her life. This narrative is provided by following the link above.

A photograph from the collections passed down to John Stelzriede Sr shows a harvesting scene from Illinois in the early days. The only information on the photo was "farming at Georges".

In Arizona -

The Stelzriedes in Arizona were friends with Charles A. Stauffer the publisher of the Arizona Republican newspaper. Charles served as gaurdian for Ashley Neil when he was growing up. Archives that include Charles' correspondence during this time are in the Charles A. Stauffer papers of the Arizona Historical Society's archives in Tempe.

There is a mention of Jack Stelzriede returning from a hunting trip on the lower Gila (River) in the newspaper in January 1900 in an online archive of the newspaper. (8th item from the end of the file - other information about the time is interesting.)

William F. Stelzriede (b.1854) worked on the Phoenix and Maricopa railroad and came to own some land in downtown Tempe that is now on the site of Arizona State University. He also became a city councilman for a few terms and was well liked in the community.

The William E. Stelzriede (b.1876) family bible contains information on this branch of the family.

In California -

William E.Stelzriede (b.1876) was an engineer for the state of California in San Francisco.

George Stelzriede (b.1874) was a police detective in Los Angeles.

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