Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

References -

Several sources of information are referenced throughout this site. Here are the main sources for the family tree.

"Memories: Recollections of the Life, Times and Activities of Albert F. Meyer", about 1986, 141 pages. A "self-published" memoir by Southern Illinois University newsman, Al Meyer. Passed on to me from my grandfather, Fred C. Stelzriede.

Much of the information on the Illinois Stelzriedes comes from this source.

A letter from Marshall Stelzriede to "the Stelzriedes", dated Oct, 1999.

Unique information on the California and Arizona Stelzriedes came from this letter and his knowledge and research.

Family Search Internet Genealogy web site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -

Provided the German church records that were essential in constructing the early family history, as well as Social Security Death Index and 1880 Census information that were very valuable. A few family history web sites were also useful. -

Provided some information that was useful, especially US Census information for a number of different decades.

A number of individual genealogy web sites and archives provided useful information.

Email messages from several family members

These helped fill in the tree and corrected errors I had made. From Claude L. "Bud" Stelzriede, Marshall Stelzriede, Marsha Heath, Charles T. Stelzried, Page Morris, Donna Crook, and Darin Harshman.

The internet white pages at

Information on addresses and telephone numbers of living Stelzriedes.