Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

Occupations -

It seems that almost all of the early Stelzriede settlers in Michigan and Illinois were farmers. For those who spent time in New York, I haven't found what employment they took there.
Some of this information is from census records, from city directories, and from other histories.

In Michigan -

There is a book that gives some account of the early life in Saginaw of Henry Stelzriede and his family. Henry was a farmer. There is a 1923 Saginaw city directory that lists occupations. These Steltzriedes are not yet placed in the family tree, but I have no doubt that they are related. Here I list them:

Walter Steltzriede (b.1894) - sheet metal worker.
Ernest A. Steltzriede (b.1897) - sheet metal worker.
Esther (b.1897) - nurse.
Norman Steltzriede (b.1899) - baker.
Henry Steltzriede (b.bfr 1900) - elevator operator.
Arthur Steltzriede (b.abt 1900) - baker.
John C. Steltzriede (b.bfr 1905) - New York Life Insurance representative.
Theodore Steltzriede (b.1906) - baker.

In Illinois -

A sampling of some of the occupations is given by birth order:

Charles Stelzriede (b.1817) was a farmer.
Frederick (b.1837) was a farmer.
Charley Stelzriede (b.1847) farmed.
Henry Stelzriede (b.1849) was a bridge carpenter.
Martin C. Stelzriede (b.1851) worked for the railroad.
Frederick Stelzriede (b.1849) was a farmer.
August H. Meyer (b.1877) was a farmer.
Henry Frederick Stelzriede (b.1878) farmed.
Frank Stelzriede Sr (b.1881) was a bottom boss in a coal mine.
Arthur F. Stelzriede (b.1885) worked as a farmer and dairy farmer.
Toney Stelzriede (b.1885) worked on a wholesale house in Chicago.
Fred C. (b.1894) was a Methodist minister.
Albert Meyer (b.1907) was a newspaperman for the Southern Illinois University news service.
Lyle Stelzriede (b.1909) Owned a construction company. Everrett W. Stelzriede (b.1911) worked for Eltra Die Casting Company.
Claude F. Stelzriede (b.1918) contractor/carpenter.
Elizabeth (Betty) Stelzriede (b.1923) - nurse.
Wesley Stelzriede (b.1926) - band (music) teacher.

In Arizona -

William Friedrich Stelzriede (b.1854) was a railroad laborer and foreman.
George Stelzriede (b.1874) worked as a gold miner, but died very young.
Ashley Neil Stelzriede (b.1899) worked as a sheet metal laborer while in his twenties.

In California -

William E. Stelzriede (b.1876) was a construction engineer for the railroad and for the State of California.
Jack Stelzriede (b.1877) was an agent for the secret service and a police detective.
Charles W. Stelzried (b.1877) worked as a janitor.
Marshall (b.1919) engineer for the navy and Rockwell International.
Charles T. Stelzried, Sr. (b.1928) NASA scientist - designed communications antennas for deep space probes.

Present Day Jobs -

Occupations of some living Stelzriedes and relatives include: engineer, scientist, airline pilot, hotel manager, film maker, music store owner, career military, school teacher, university professor, nurse, home maker, car dealer, and doubtless many more. I don't know if any are still in farming. But then, farming is very different from the small family farms that used to be prevalent.

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Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

Military Service

Listed here is the information that was easily available to me either from others, especially Marshall Stelzriede, or that I found on the internet. One Stelzriede is listed as having a civil war pension - he is on the website - but Darin Harshman found that this is John A. W. "Jack" Stelzriede who fought in the Spanish American War. It turns out that pension records for this war are grouped with the Civil War records.

In Germany -

I have no records of military service of the early Stelzriedes. By some accounts, some of the young Stelzriede men left Hille to avoid service in the Prussian push toward France in the late 1800s that served to unify the German states.

Civil War -

There are no records of a Stelzriede serving in the Civil War. While some Stelzriedes were in the country then, many arrived during or after the war.

Spanish-American War -

At least one Stelzriede from Tempe, AZ, Jack, served with the Rough Riders under Teddy Roosevelt. John A.W. (Jack), 21 years old, was a private from Belleville, IL in 1898 in San Antonio, TX. Here he is listed with the Arizona Rangers at muster in 1898, and Jack was a trumpeter with Rough Rider's Troop C at muster out in 1899. For the text of Teddy Roosevelt's book, see Bartleby's. There are unconfirmed reports that his brother William was also a Rough Rider stationed in Florida and saw action at San Juan Hill with Bucky O'Neill.

WW I -

I don't have too much information on this period. Fred C. Stelzriede did serve as a secretary for the medical units in the army in WW I.


I know of several relatives who served in WW II. Davis Simpson, husband of Betty Stelzriede was in the infantry in Europe. Murl Sickbert, husband of Kaye Stelzriede was in the air force (but not a pilot).

Marshall Stelzriede and his son have put together an excellent web site about his years as a navigator on B-17s. Marshall Stelzriede's War Time Story.

Marshall's older brother Don served in the Army Air Corps - 323 Squadron 91st Bombardment group Army Air Forces - honorably discharged on 09-02-1945, Corporal.

Helen M. Stelzriede was a 2nd lieutenant in the Army or Air Corps.

Korea -

Charles Stelzried, Sr. served in the navy from 1946 to 1953 where he trained as an electronics technician and served on three different destroyers.

Vietnam -

At least four Stelzriedes served in the Vietnam War. I found records of one who was in the army, and Carl and Arthur, twins who served in the Navy.

Technical Sergeant Charles L. Stelzriede (b. Abt 1935) received the Airman's Medal for Heroism . He was in the Air Force Security Police.

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