Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede

Notes on the Family Tree

German names -

In some cases constructing the family tree was made difficult by the common use of the same names for two or three generations in a row. Names were repeated, not only within a family, but sometimes occurred in the same generation in two different families. For example, there were at least 4 different Christian Friedrich Stelzriedes born into 3 different families within 2 generations. But only one of these four sons (my great grandfather) survived to adulthood. Note also the change from German to English: Friedrich = Frederick, Carl = Charles, Heinrich = Henry, Wilhelm = William, Cord = Curt, and Johann = John.

German "Vornamen" and naming practices

It used to be a common practice in Germany to use "Vornamen" or "prefix names" with the same name, such as Christian or Johann or Maria, being given to every child in the family. The children were called by their second given name. This was the case for many of the Stelzriede families in Germany. It was also common to reuse a name if the first child with that name died in childbirth or very young.

Often the records are far from complete - this is where information from my grandfather and Marshall Stelzriede was invaluable. I feel fortunate that enough information was available to allow me to make connections and assign names that had been lost.

Adoptions -

There are a few adoptions in the family tree. In these cases I have kept the surname of the biological father as the surname and listed the adoptive parents name before that. Examples are Lila Jane Anne Hammerly Stelzriede, born Lila Jane Stelzriede, later adopted by Rex Hammerly, she went by Jane Anne Hammerly. And, Emma Ruth Kinney Brown (wife of Fred. C. Stelzriede) was born to Charles Kinney Brown who was born Charles Brown (Yes, there was a Charlie Brown in the family), later adopted by the Kinneys.

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Decendants of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriede


Two Friedrich Wilhelm Stelzriedes were born about 2 years apart. The first was born (1820) to Johann Cord S. and Carolina Maria Tiemanns, his 2nd wife. The second Friedrich Wilhelm birth record lists no mother and only Stelzriede as father. So it may be the first died young and the second was given the same name by the same parents, but it is also possible that the second Friedrich Wilhelm was a son of Johann Heinrich S. and Anna Marie Uphoffs. Records show that the second (b.1822) came to New York from Rotterdam, arriving in September 1843.

In the online Hille Church records there is one listing of a daughter (Caroline Marie Louise Stelzriede) born in 1812 to Johann Dietrich Stelzriede, who is listed as married to Catharinae Marie Meyers. Because there are no other listings of Johann Dietrich, and because the first names of the wives are the same, I wonder if Johann Dietrich is possibly the same as Carl Dietrich Stelzriede who married Catharina Marie Toeten? The birth dates make this plausible.

The link between Henry Steltzriede (b.1866) and sons Arthur, Norman and Theodore is weak, but appears likely. It is based on their living at the same address in the 1923 Saginaw city directory and on their ages, and that several worked as bakers. Although it is possible that this is not the same Henry, or that they are not his sons.

Unlinked Individuals-

Help in placing these (or more) individuals in the family tree is greatly appreciated.
Excluding the Michigan branch of the family, there are a few deceased Stelzriedes that I can not place in the family tree, and more living individuals that are not placed. These are listed below with birth and death dates for the deceased and areas where they lived or died:

Deceased -
Stelzriede, Toney (& Elva-son Elmer) - IL & CA b.1885 d.?
Stelzriede, Fred - MO b.Before 1910 d.?
Stelzriede, J. - NY b.1836 (Germany) d.?
Stelzriede, P. - MO b.? d.24 Feb 1906

Living -
Stelzried, X - CA
Stelzriede, Jacob - CA
Stelzriede, James - FL
Stelzriede, Jason - CA
Stelzriede, Kenneth - AZ
Stelzriede, Mary - CA
Stelzriede, Michael David -?
Stelzriede, N - CA
Stelzriede, Steve - IL
Steltzriede, Henry - FL

For the Michigan branch of the family my information is somewhat disconnected. Below are listed the deceased and living relatives from Michigan (with birth and death dates for the deceased) for which connections are sought:

Michigan -

Deceased -
Steltzriede, Linda b.14 Sep 1904 d.Sep 1972
Steltzriede, Nellie b.20 Feb 1904 d.Nov 1965
Steltzriede, Nora b.14 Jan 1912 d.10 Jan 1991
Steltzriede, Phyllis b.23 Dec 1910 d.10 Feb 1991
Steltzriede, Ernest A & Julia b.10 Jul 1897 d.Aug 1976
Steltzriede, Walter & Esther b.1 Mar 1894 d.16 Jun 1990
Steltzriede, Harold b.17Feb 1910 d.12 Aug 1990
Steltzriede, John C. & Mary b.Before 1905 d.?

Living - (?)
Steltzriede, Alan
Steltzriede, Brenda
Steltzriede, Craig A
Steltzriede, G
Steltzriede, Jack
Steltzriede, Jeffrey
Steltzriede, Robert O (Bob)
Steltzriede, Wendy P.
Steltzriede, Henry

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